Thursday, October 11, 2012

SMT Assembly

Liat Electronics is a specialist in the surface mount assembly of printed circuit boards. Our Surface Mount Technology (SMT) capability contains the 
high-speed placement of an extensive range of fine-pitch Surface Mount Devices (SMDs). Utilising three SMT assembly lines fitted with Speedprint and
Europlacer equipment, together with forced-air convection reflow ovens, we are capable of assembling component packages including a wide range of Ball
Grid Arrays (BGAs), Micro Lead-Frame (MLF), Thin Quad Flat Pack (TQFP) and passive devices down to 0201 package format.

Each SMD placement line incorporates intelligent feeder technology and 'smart nozzles' together with 'on the fly' vision systems for the ultimate in
flexibility and productivity. Our lines are capable of fast changeovers using multiple off-line feeder trolleys. These feeder trolleys enable the next
assembly in the production plan to be set up off-line whilst the current job is in progress, therefore saving valuable time at the point of changeover.
The trolleys are mobile and facilitate the bulk handling and identification of tape feeders, stick-feeders and vibrating plates.

Summary of SMT Assembly Capabilities:-

Dedicated Cellular Manufacturing
Flexible, rapid changeover for low to medium volume, high-mix assemblies
Tape, belt, vibrating base plate and stick trolley-mounted feeders
Vision-aligned solder paste printing
0201 to uBGA SMD placement capability
Forced-air convection reflow ovens for leaded and lead free products.
In-line Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
Rework capability

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