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Complete Assembly Services

Automated Optical Inspection
BGA X-Ray Inspection
Conformal coating & encapsulation
Depanelization system
Liat Electronics team of experienced and skilled employees specialize in high mix, high complexity assembly solutions. Utilizing both SMT automation
equipment and manual assembly techniques, we custom tailor your product's assembly profile for maximum proficiency and expediency. Automated optical
inspection (AOI), and BGA x-ray ensure that the highest quality and reliability are guaranteed.

Materials Management

Computerized Order Tracking
MRP Inventory Management Control
Customized Kanban Programs
Bare Circuit Boards
FR4 Multi-layer
Ridged Flex
IMS - Intermetalic substrate
Using our customized MRP System, Liat Electronic's dedicated team of procurement specialists ensure your materials are purchased in the most proficient
and cost effective manner. Working with a global network of distributors our just-in-time purchasing procedures control inventory while assuring
acquisition of components for forecasted scheduled deliveries.

Final Integration and Box Build

Custom enclosures
Cable and Harness assemblies
Thermal Cycling
IC Programming
Providing complete mechanical integration, incorporating either standard or custom formed enclosures, cable assemblies, including any number
of connectors, styles of termination or types of cable and any additional hardware requirements, Microart assigns a dedicated project manager to
ensure a seamless transition from board assembly to full or partial integration.


Custom Test Fixture Design
Test Program Development
J-Tag & Boundary Scan
Support Peripheral Test Equipment
Liat Electronics's test support team harmonizes your functional test fixture with your test procedures, assuring the complete integrity of
your product.

Quality Assurance

ISO 9001:2000 Registered
IPC-A-610 Class 3 Capability
Comprehensive ESD Program
AOI Automated Optical Inspection

SMT Assembly

Liat Electronics is a specialist in the surface mount assembly of printed circuit boards. Our Surface Mount Technology (SMT) capability contains the 
high-speed placement of an extensive range of fine-pitch Surface Mount Devices (SMDs). Utilising three SMT assembly lines fitted with Speedprint and
Europlacer equipment, together with forced-air convection reflow ovens, we are capable of assembling component packages including a wide range of Ball
Grid Arrays (BGAs), Micro Lead-Frame (MLF), Thin Quad Flat Pack (TQFP) and passive devices down to 0201 package format.

Each SMD placement line incorporates intelligent feeder technology and 'smart nozzles' together with 'on the fly' vision systems for the ultimate in
flexibility and productivity. Our lines are capable of fast changeovers using multiple off-line feeder trolleys. These feeder trolleys enable the next
assembly in the production plan to be set up off-line whilst the current job is in progress, therefore saving valuable time at the point of changeover.
The trolleys are mobile and facilitate the bulk handling and identification of tape feeders, stick-feeders and vibrating plates.

Summary of SMT Assembly Capabilities:-

Dedicated Cellular Manufacturing
Flexible, rapid changeover for low to medium volume, high-mix assemblies
Tape, belt, vibrating base plate and stick trolley-mounted feeders
Vision-aligned solder paste printing
0201 to uBGA SMD placement capability
Forced-air convection reflow ovens for leaded and lead free products.
In-line Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
Rework capability

Full Services and Capabilities

General Capabilities:

Prototype Development
Surface mount assembly
Thru-hole assembly
Functional test
Heat rooms for boards and systems
Programmable environmental chamber for boards and systems
Test equipment development and procedures
Flexibility to provide all or any portion of services ranging from development through complete manufacturing
Board sized: Maximum 18" X 18"
Components: Unlimited
Double Sided Capabilities

SMT Assembly

Board Sizes: Maximum 17.7" X 19"
Components: Unlimited
Double sided capabilities
BGA placement and inspection
Key Strengths
Comprehensive service manufacturing
Total quality oriented organization
Complete documentation control
Proven surface mount technology including fine pitch and BGA's
Aqueous cleaning wave solder operation
Experienced inventory management team
ESD compliant facility
Your satisfaction is our success
The bottom line is this: We'll do whatever it takes to make sure you're completely satisfied with the products we produce.

Because we dont just assemble electronics.
We make customers like you very happy - over the long haul.
Let us tell you more about what we can do for you.  Give us a call soon at +97246341848


State-of-the-art equipment, expert assembly techniques and technicians.
Visit our facility and you’ll see the most advanced electronic assembly equipment anywhere — run by
people whose expertise is second to none. Each of our operators is manufacturer-trained and certified, and we keep them up to date as hardware and
software changes, too.

As a result, we can handle just about anything you have in mind, from prototype SMT construction to high-volume assembly jobs numbering tens of
thousands of boards per week. Every product is meticulously assembled to your specifications. And every item is checked and re-checked before it ever
goes out our door.

No defects allowed.

That’s quite an objective, but it’s one we’re getting closer to meeting all the time, thanks to our fanatical devotion to some of the most
sophisticated quality control techniques on the block.

Our robotic assembly equipment is designed to detect any defective parts before they’re used in the assembly process. If they don’t measure up,
they’re replaced before they ever find their way into your boards.

For complex finished assemblies, our team of IPC-610 certified inspectors uses state-of-the-art optics and x-ray equipment to conduct rigorous
visual inspections. Anything that doesn’t meet your specs is rejected immediately — but that doesn’t happen often, since our manufacturing
techniques keep our internal reject rates exceptionally low. Helping keep things that way is our total ESD-safe environment, where we treat your
parts and assemblies with the utmost care.

Security as tight as your spec.

Everything that belongs to you — whether it’s incoming componentry, materials in process, or finished assemblies — is inventoried here under
exceptionally high security. Your parts aren’t only shielded from prying eyes and curious hands, they’re isolated from our other customers’
products, too. So your proprietary technologies stay proprietary.

Because we understand that in security — as in every other element of our work — you simply can’t be too careful.

Product Assembly

The manufacture of electronic-based products calls for the highest degree of capability and experience. Our 25 years' experience in this field gives us 
this edge.

We utilise a range of sophisticated precision machinery representing an investment today of in excess of £1 Million. All our production equipment is
chosen to maximise our production flexibility, to cope with high mix and varying batch size, and to minimise costly down-time.

We have a high level of expertise in surface mount placement, including the demands of fine-pitch components, and the placement of components on
flexible and flexi-rigid Printed Circuit Boards.

Through-hole PCB component assembly is handled by customer-focused production cells and we compliment our range of assembly services by offering a
complete “box build” service, which can incorporate final customer packaging, labelling and dispatch to end-customer as required.

Additional services within our manufacturing department include an environmental test chamber for temperature cycling and burn-in testing, automatic
dip conformal coating, and potting facilities.

PCB Assembly

Liat Electronics offers the assembly of conventional, surface mount and mixed technology pcb's.

We are one of the few remaining CEM's offering the complete assembly of RoHS exempt products. We have dedicated lines for RoHS and non RoHS
products. This has been essential to many customers who serve the military sector.

Conventional assemblies benefit from cropping plates and wave solder, assuring a consistent, high quality finish. The automation involved also
reduces costs to our customers.

Surface mount (SMT) assemblies use our automated line. With vision aligned paste dispensing and placement insuring the highest accuracy possible.
0201 through to large and odd shape components can be placed consistantly.

Prototypes can be built using our FAST-EST (Every Single Time) service, with 24hr turnaround possible.

A wide range of test, programming and 'burn-in' options are available, as is conformal coating.

PCB's are built in accordance with the standards set out in IPC-A610, and to our own exacting quality standards.

We can assemble using lead-free solder (Rohs compliant) or tin lead solder (for Rohs exempt products).

Fast turnaround prototype through to production quantities.
Automated & manual surface mount PCB assembly.
0402, QFP, BGA assembly.
Conventional through hole PCB assembly.
Electromechanical / Box assembly.
Full or part component procurement.
(PCBs assembled from free issue parts).
X,Y placement file creation.
Solder paste file creation.
Functional test, in-circuit test.
Scheduled orders (Kanban, JIT, etc).
Confidentiality guaranteed. Non-disclosure agreements available if required.

Medical Products

Liat Electronics LTD. supplies servo drives to leading companies in the diagnostic imaging market.

Our customers need for extremely reliable equipment that meets medical industry standards is well understood by us, and through the years we have excelled at
providing our clients with the functionality that they need.

The Medical industry is full of servo-controlled machines, with some examples ranging from relatively simple laboratory automation equipment,
life support systems such as blood pumps and respiration machines, through to high-end diagnostic imaging systems. Imaging systems such as Nuclear
Medicine, PET and PET/CT scanners are prime candidates for advanced servo drives and motion control systems. Precise and smooth control of the patient
table is critical in ensuring patient comfort and the accuracy of the diagnostic image.

Integrated Circuit Assembly and Test

For a silicon chip or integrated circuit to function, it needs to be connected to the system that it will control or provide instruction to. 
Integrated circuit assembly will provide connection of the integrated circuit for power and information transfer between the chip and the system.
This is accomplished by connecting the chip to a package or direct connection to the printed circuit for these functions. Connections between the
chip and the package or printed circuit board are via wire bonding or flip chip assembly. Liat Electronics’ expertise, technologies and gas supply advantages
can provide improved profits, uptime, defect reduction, and improvement in the total cost of ownership for your integrated circuit board assembly and test

Component And PCB Sourcing

Our electronic component and pcb supply service will really save you time and money.

Having established a global network of approved suppliers and being a high volume user of components ourselves has given us true purchashing power.

We can forefill your entire bill of material and save you significant amounts of money. Whilst you only need to place one order, offering you a true
value solution.

Pheraps you have some high value lines, obsolete or hard to find components that you need urgently and want to reduce the spend on those items?

With many PCB manufacturers simply importing their products from offshore, yet charging UK prices, we sell high quality UL approved offshore PCB's....
at offshore prices, from our trusted
PCB partner.

Complete Product Assembly

We offer a complete final assembly solution for your products.

This enables you to have your products shipped to stock, taking all the production issues away from your premises.

We build electronics into small plastic enclosures through to complete sub rack systems and fully wired panels.

Customers find they can control their costs and focus on marketing their products as opposed to having to build them.

Engineering Service

Custom electronic design & product development encompasses the design, prototyping and development of all types of electronic hardware. 
Designing to our customer's specifications, our highly skilled team is focused on providing quality designs and prototypes to ensure that
your project is completed within a time effective and cost efficient manner. When you choose Microart to engineer your project, we review with
you all of your requirements in detail and provide you an opportunity to discuss your plans and ask many questions utilizing our experience and
expertise to fully maximize your products potential. We realize that confidentiality is a major concern and will sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)
enabling us to speak freely about your intimate project details and the different technologies we have to offer you.


Design for Test
Design for Procurement
Design for Manufacture
Design for Assembly
Schematic capture from engineered supplied drawings, we capture your schematic into an interactive file allowing us to generate a BOM (Bill of Material)
and net list for interactive routing of the pcb layout.

PCB Layout Our team of IPC certified PCB designers, master a broad range of circuitry with expertise in analog, high-speed (RF) and high density Micro
BGA's. Importing the schematic generated net list, Microart designers interactively route each layout to achieve the highest level of circuit performance
possible, following IPC-A-610 design specifications. We encourage customer participation through our inspection and sign-off procedures throughout the
various layout stages. Our designers final goal is to optimize your layout for DFM (Design for manufacturability), resulting in higher yields and lower
costs in production.

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Turn Key Projects At Liat Electronics LTD Tsabei Hanachal 15, Industrial Zone, Emek Hefer, Israel Phone # +97246341848 – Ask for Gil or email

Liat Electronics Ltd. was established in 1986 as a private company for producing and assembling electronic and sub-assemblies circuits and is listed as an electronic factory in Moshav Nordia (adjacent to Netanya) where it is based at present. 
The company assembles electronic and sub-assembly circuits as a sub-contractor for companies from a wide range of sectors.  It supplies a personal and professional service of a high standard to a wide range of electronic factories who incorporate their products in electronic and sub-assembly (unit) circuits, necessitating great expertise and precision with quality performance in accordance with Israeli and foreign Hi-Tech requirements.  
The work is executed at the factory according to military and civil regulations, conforming to the ISO 9002 and other relevant standards, such as the Weapons Development Authority (Rafael).  These standards are used as a basis for the company’s activities.
In addition, the Company offers a Turn-Key service, which includes supplying components, counseling and assisting in the engineering implementations of the products while maintaining the high added value of the product during production and finding solutions for economizing the cost of the components and work.
The company produces the products for its clients, beginning with the prototype, small preliminary series productions up to full production according to designated monthly quantities.  Our clientele includes large civil factories and military and institutionalassociations.
The Company assembles circuits via T/H and S.M.T. technologies, on one-sided, two-sided and multi-layered cards.
The factory has SMT lines including all modern mechanization – line production produces approx. 250,000 components per day.
The Company is located in central Israel and serves customers in the north, central area and south of the country and includes delivery right up to the customer’s home.
Liat Electronics employees 70 employee2, of which 7 are engineers and technicians and the remainder are production workers, administrators, and sophisticated machinery operators. 
Type of work executed 
 Engineering/technical support and execution of electronic circuits for companies which are interested in producing circuits with continuous engineering assistance, working as part of an integral team in the client’s engineering department.
 Preparing production files
 Assembling electronic circuits via T/H system.  
 Mechanized assembling of electronic circuits in SMD components.
 Executing wave soldering, including cleaning process.
 Production and assembling of sub-assemblies including: mechanical assembly, preparing and connecting braids, assembling components and accessories for sub-assemblies incorporating electronic circuits which are assembled by the company.
 Purchasing of components for each project.
 Visual, electronic and functional testing of the product.
 Quality control during each phase of assembling the circuits and sub-assemblies, according to the relevant standards.
 Planning and assembling in order to execute the electric and functional testing of the products.
 Selective acrylic coating of the cards.
 Placing components on the printed circuits, following request.
 Casting the cards and sub-assemblies via casting machines.  
Amongst our clientele: 
 Card Guard
 M C S
 S C R

Our capabilities include:
PCB Design
PCB Layout
Pre Compliance EMC testing
RoHS sample testing

Liat Electronics offer a full prototyping service, either taking your own Gerber files or generating the Gerber files ourselves, S2S will source the
boards and components and populate the boards on a fast turnaround.

Surface Mount Technology

Liat Electronics operates two surface mount lines complete with reflow oven and printer. Once Gerber files are generated, a solder screen is
purchased and pick and place data is programmed onto the machine allowing us to manufacture boards. Once this is complete, the boards go into surface
mount inspection utilising our AOI facility, secondary fit, cleaning and finally test before dispatch to the customer.

Conventional Assembly

Liat Electronics offer a full conventional mount assembly service. Our job files includes picture images of boards and this in combination with customer
samples means our trained operatives can populate boards quickly and accurately. Once this is done all boards go through the flow solder process, before
secondary fit, cleaning, inspection and test before despatch. S2S operate both a lead free and leaded flow solder line so customers can be assured of no
cross contamination.


Liat Electronics offer a full test service to clients. Either using customer supplied test specification or our own generated specifications, S2S will
perform tests to suit the product being manufactured. This may include, low voltage tests, high voltage tests, type tests or full functional test. S2S
can if required build the test rigs if they are not available from clients. S2S is able to offer a full device programming facility as part of the test

Full Procurement

Liat Electronics offers a full procurement facility as part of the service. Liat will source all components and control the flow of materials for jobs,
this ensures the material is delivered to us to complete the job when the customer needs it, reducing stocks for the client and improving cash flow.
Our flexible delivery service also means we work with clients to adjust delivery schedules where possible to meet demand.

Other services
Liat Electronics Ltd is able to offer, a host of other service to assist clients. This includes

Conformal Coating of boards
Pre Compliance EMC testing
RoHs testing of parts
Environmental Chamber testing
ATE testing
Please let us know if you have any special requirements and we will see if we can help