Thursday, October 11, 2012

Full Services and Capabilities

General Capabilities:

Prototype Development
Surface mount assembly
Thru-hole assembly
Functional test
Heat rooms for boards and systems
Programmable environmental chamber for boards and systems
Test equipment development and procedures
Flexibility to provide all or any portion of services ranging from development through complete manufacturing
Board sized: Maximum 18" X 18"
Components: Unlimited
Double Sided Capabilities

SMT Assembly

Board Sizes: Maximum 17.7" X 19"
Components: Unlimited
Double sided capabilities
BGA placement and inspection
Key Strengths
Comprehensive service manufacturing
Total quality oriented organization
Complete documentation control
Proven surface mount technology including fine pitch and BGA's
Aqueous cleaning wave solder operation
Experienced inventory management team
ESD compliant facility
Your satisfaction is our success
The bottom line is this: We'll do whatever it takes to make sure you're completely satisfied with the products we produce.

Because we dont just assemble electronics.
We make customers like you very happy - over the long haul.
Let us tell you more about what we can do for you.  Give us a call soon at +97246341848


State-of-the-art equipment, expert assembly techniques and technicians.
Visit our facility and you’ll see the most advanced electronic assembly equipment anywhere — run by
people whose expertise is second to none. Each of our operators is manufacturer-trained and certified, and we keep them up to date as hardware and
software changes, too.

As a result, we can handle just about anything you have in mind, from prototype SMT construction to high-volume assembly jobs numbering tens of
thousands of boards per week. Every product is meticulously assembled to your specifications. And every item is checked and re-checked before it ever
goes out our door.

No defects allowed.

That’s quite an objective, but it’s one we’re getting closer to meeting all the time, thanks to our fanatical devotion to some of the most
sophisticated quality control techniques on the block.

Our robotic assembly equipment is designed to detect any defective parts before they’re used in the assembly process. If they don’t measure up,
they’re replaced before they ever find their way into your boards.

For complex finished assemblies, our team of IPC-610 certified inspectors uses state-of-the-art optics and x-ray equipment to conduct rigorous
visual inspections. Anything that doesn’t meet your specs is rejected immediately — but that doesn’t happen often, since our manufacturing
techniques keep our internal reject rates exceptionally low. Helping keep things that way is our total ESD-safe environment, where we treat your
parts and assemblies with the utmost care.

Security as tight as your spec.

Everything that belongs to you — whether it’s incoming componentry, materials in process, or finished assemblies — is inventoried here under
exceptionally high security. Your parts aren’t only shielded from prying eyes and curious hands, they’re isolated from our other customers’
products, too. So your proprietary technologies stay proprietary.

Because we understand that in security — as in every other element of our work — you simply can’t be too careful.

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