Thursday, October 11, 2012

PCB Assembly

Liat Electronics offers the assembly of conventional, surface mount and mixed technology pcb's.

We are one of the few remaining CEM's offering the complete assembly of RoHS exempt products. We have dedicated lines for RoHS and non RoHS
products. This has been essential to many customers who serve the military sector.

Conventional assemblies benefit from cropping plates and wave solder, assuring a consistent, high quality finish. The automation involved also
reduces costs to our customers.

Surface mount (SMT) assemblies use our automated line. With vision aligned paste dispensing and placement insuring the highest accuracy possible.
0201 through to large and odd shape components can be placed consistantly.

Prototypes can be built using our FAST-EST (Every Single Time) service, with 24hr turnaround possible.

A wide range of test, programming and 'burn-in' options are available, as is conformal coating.

PCB's are built in accordance with the standards set out in IPC-A610, and to our own exacting quality standards.

We can assemble using lead-free solder (Rohs compliant) or tin lead solder (for Rohs exempt products).

Fast turnaround prototype through to production quantities.
Automated & manual surface mount PCB assembly.
0402, QFP, BGA assembly.
Conventional through hole PCB assembly.
Electromechanical / Box assembly.
Full or part component procurement.
(PCBs assembled from free issue parts).
X,Y placement file creation.
Solder paste file creation.
Functional test, in-circuit test.
Scheduled orders (Kanban, JIT, etc).
Confidentiality guaranteed. Non-disclosure agreements available if required.

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